Our Wardrobe Guide gives you useful information along with pricing to get you started...

Lost your favourite winter jacket or just can’t seem to get your wardrobe organised? Make the most of your precious space by adding our stylish wardrobes to your bedroom. With Advanced Cabinetry’s extensive range of styles, finishes and smart space saving ideas, you can transform your bedroom into an organised, functional and sophisticated sanctuary.

Your bedroom should be a calming and comfortable sanctuary. Reduce clutter in your home with our range of stylish, space saving wardrobe designs, built for you by Advanced Cabinetry's skilled craftsmen with only the finest quality products.

Wardrobe solutions that are functional and fully customized the way you always dreamed...


Our customised wardrobes complement your home by either blending seamlessly with the style of your house, or by drawing attention to your style and flair. Our wardrobe systems can be adapted to suit any space and meet your storage needs. This will ensure that these areas are used to their full potential. Advanced Cabinetry wardrobes combine high-end quality hardware with a variety of material and finish options to make selecting your storage needs simple and affordable.

Designing your wardrobes has never been easier. It is important to consider the style of wardrobe that suits your needs. Start by selecting the wardrobe doors. Do you want sliding doors, hinged doors or open units? Then select the modules and the colours that you want.

We’ve made selecting the appropriate cabinetry easier by laying out a simple step-by-step instruction guide to help get you started. This will help give you a clearer picture of the solution to your wardrobe needs, saving you time and helping us to install your new wardrobes even quicker.

Below are some of the decisions to be made when selecting your wardrobes. For more information, simply download your free copy of our wardrobe planning guide and get started bringing your ideas to life.

Consider the following when designing your wardrobe space:

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding doors help you to maximise the space available by avoiding a hinged system while still offering a great range of finishes and styles. Advanced Cabinetry utilises the space maker panel-line system which offers modern contoured cushioning, eliminating any metal on metal contact and giving a smooth contoured appearance. This system also offers whisper quiet roller operation, easy cleaning and a 10-year warranty.

Hinged Doors for your Wardrobe

Hinged doors can provide that classic, elegant look. Hinged doors also offer more versatility than sliding doors when it comes to the range of styles available. We can help you design bedroom storage that intelligently utilises the latest in storage ideas and quality materials while still giving you easy access to your personal items.

Open units

Open units are ideal for walk-in robes. Walk-in robes can be furnished with any combination of modules to maximise storage space and give you quick access to an organised wardrobe. When you use our custom walk-in robes you know you’ll be getting quality materials that are designed to survive the test of time. Why settle for a cheap product when you can invest in a quality one that is designed to fit your space and your taste.

Internal Modules

Our range of internal modules consist of hanging rails, shelving, drawers and wire baskets. We also have a range of accessories that can really individualise your wardrobe and suit your living style.

When you select wardrobe solutions from Advanced Cabinetry you are getting a combination of function, style, value and quality that is tailored to suit your needs and specifications.

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